Monday, December 17, 2012

Reasons Behind The Immense Popularity of Mobile Technology

Of the many forms of technology, mobile technology has taken the apex position. It is the most popular topic nowadays and it has covered most fields of life. It is now used in almost all domains of business and personal uses. What's behind this popularity is something which one needs to know in order to make use of this technology in a way that fits his or her necessity.     
 So, what triggers this popularity and high demands of mobile devices in the market today? In order to answer that question one needs to answers to himself or herself what do he or she look for in life. What each and every person looks for in life is ease of life. And in this case, Mobile technology has done a great job in rendering people what they desire. It is only through it that one is able to do certain things in life which was once considered an impossibility. This is further heightened by mobile apps development. Mobile devices are just a simplification of the bulky computers and laptops and without the applications, it's just the same as the normal computers. The applications which are available nowadays allow people of today perform multiple tasks in one go and while on the move.

Once there was a time when one needs to do a particular task on the internet or the computer needs to be stationary and hooked on to the computer. Now, everything has changed. One can do not just one task but many task using a mobile device with specific application installed for the tasks. And everything can be done anytime and anywhere.
 When it comes to keeping in touch with loved ones, there was the snail mail, then the telephone, the email, online chatting, etc. but for that one needs to wait for days and hours and one needs to be hooked on to the computer when it comes to chatting. With the advent of the mobile devices and the advancement in mobile apps development, all things mentioned above are already history. One can have email, chatting (voice and video) and other means of getting in touch with loved one in just one device and there is no need for one to be stationary. One can enjoy all these features while one is on the go. One don't have to worry about professional duties while at home since one can experience a whole new level of multitasking on mobile devices.

Nowadays, there are numerous mobile devices that can render extremely satisfying services like the iPhone, iPad and other devices with which one can perform tasks with ease. What more do one can ask from technology? As mentioned before, what one asks from life is ease and simplicity and one can get it from mobile technology. All points stated above explain the immense popularity and demands of mobile technology. This technology can make every task once considered hard a simple one, one needs not to worry about other task when one is under process because of the multitasking capability and due to its mobility life's ease has been considerable escalated. Hence, the popularity of this technology,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mobile Apps Development | Platform Supporting Devices

Mobile Apps Development

Oglacs Pvt. Ltd. designs and develops mobile applications for hand-held devices like personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants, mobile phones, and similar other technical objects. These applications are sometimes pre-installed or even downloaded from apps store. Mobile application services help clients to offer different programs and software to their customer and increase the sales of their product. Also the software modifications make the handsets user-friendly.


Platform Supporting Devices:

JAVA ME: Used to produce portable applications, used to provide simple applications on feature handsets. These are not more than 1MB to run on mass-phones.

Symbian Platform: a real time multitasking operating system, designed to run on resource-constrained systems, maximizing performance and battery life and utilize minimum memory space.

Android: It’s a Linux-based program and is supported by almost all major software, hardware and telecom Companies. Critical code can be written in C, C++and similar native languages.

.NET Compact framework: used for applications on Pocket PC and windows Mobile

BREW: Deploys applications on CDMA devices.
 Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Flash Lite and Microbrowser are some other platforms for the mobile applications. Each of these platforms is enriched with development environment which provides tools to developer to use, write, test and deploy applications. Each tool has either commercial cost attached to it or is available for free to use it and come out with newer interfaces and programs.

Mobile applications help the consumer to calculate, listen to songs, go wild and crazy on social networking sites and enjoy the different privileges offered by them. Mobile applications are developed at Oglacs to make the mobile user friendly and an indispensable device.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Application Development | Android Application Development

A software process, software lifecycle or software development done in a planned structured manner is application development. Application development is required for web application, mobile application, Custom application, services application and database application. All these applications may sound similar but are different in approach and development.

Application development enables the companies to install various different programs in minimal space for the best of their customers. Oglacs takes a pride in application development services and has excelled in mobile application and custom application development. Web and services applications development are also done for clients to enhance their services for their customers.

Application development is associated with higher responsibility as it requires capturing and testing techniques also. Customers look for appropriate and exact software solution and are always obsessed by the latest in technology. We keep upgrading  our application development services for increased functionality expectations and to protect against constantly evolving threats.

Outsourcing of application development requires application developer to be highly capable at programming. He should collaborate and get familiar with compliance issues for successful application development.

The programming is done in such a way that it matches with the present and holds equal compatibility with future applications. Oglacs’ application development team works to the best of abilities to bring together client requirements in the most feasible manner and make the technology amalgamate with present and future approach.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Public Distribution System | PDS | EPDS | e-pds | Electronic pds

Public Engagement
With this Online Distribution Core, The Government connected with the food grain movement, allocation, distribution, thefts and grievances in real time. The cases of thefts as intercepted by a common man in the district can be instantly reported online or through mobile phones. The reported complaint then gets assigned to the authorized officials and actions are taken immediately. Unlike other system, in, the complainant is kept in the loop in this whole process of rederresal by sending SMS alerts and informing as and when the action is taken on registered complaint. This helps in engaging the beneficiaries in partnering with the Government in managing the supply chain fairly and efficiently.
GPS Tracking
The foodgrain movement is monitored in realtime with the help of GPS devices. These GPS devices when mounted over the ferrying vehicles, sends out the route information back to the system in realtime. This helps in catching the datapoints about the entire planned journey.

The electronics weigh bridges are used in this electronics system of distribution that allowed the weights to be directly entered to the system automatically without any manual intervention so that the chances of error and thefts are eliminated.

Hitherto, manual and slow core of Public Distribution System is now automatic and instant. The opacity of the distribution is now transparent. Information and reports are open in public space and available on the click. The disbursal Vs Offtake report can be generated at every node of the distribution chain. Like one can generate report for entire district wise, blockwise, panchayat wise, dealer-wise.

POS terminals
To tightly couple all the nodes of PDS supply chain, and to remove manual intervention, system provides Point of Sale terminals to the dealers. This POS terminal reads the barcoded coupons and registers the offtake by the beneficiary on to the centrally located MIS wirelessly. Food grains are weighed electronically at FCI, then at SFC and then dealers’ disbursal to the beneficiary too is logged in to MIS through POS terminal. The disbursal Vs offtake data is managed at MIS for each dealer. Total disbursal Vs offtake data is available for various abstraction of district like for whole district, block, panchayat, etc.

PoS terminals are low cost, low power devices designed especially for rural demography where there is a shortage of power supply. These devices have the capability to reduce bandwidth requirement keeping in mind the intermittent internet connectivity in rural setup.

Employment Generation
Apart from ensuring due entitlement of poor reaching to them, the automated PDS also becomes a source of employment generation. In pdsonline data center, young college passouts, men and women alike, can be seen generating the reports and resolving queries on toll free number.

When we contacted the developers of the system, Oglacs Software Pvt Ltd, they discussed their plan for the next phase where the system would be eco-friendly- a green solution. That would solve the problem interrupted power supply where devices and weighbridges shall be operated on solar energy. That make the solution not only eco-friendly but would also reducing a huge recurring cost incurred on alternate power supplies like generators.

“We plan to replace SFC and FCI laptops with low power devices like tablets those can be operated with the help of solar chargers. Similar is the plan for solar powered weighbridges. We intend to bring down the recurring cost substantially.” Engineering Director at Oglacs quoted as saying.

The Hon’ble Minister and the entire Gaya District Administration are hopeful that this State-Of-The-Art solution ( shall certainly help in bringing transparency, accountability and better manageability in the system and as a result, the due entitlement of the poor people reaching them smoothly. At various nodes where the system is already functional, various incidents of theft and frauds have already caught with the help of this system. With increased coverage of this system, in a very short period of time, the hitherto one of the most inefficient department of public distribution system, shall be a very effective tool in social upliftment of the common man.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wireless Syncing iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iTunes

One of the latest features in iOS 5 and iTunes 10 is the ability of wireless syncing your devices. What you need to do is to connect the device first to your computer and then making sure that it is plugged into a docking station or into a wall outlet directly. You don't need any help of anyone who works in a software development company, what you need is just a computer, your device and a network.
Before you start the wireless sync, make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes and also ensure that you have the latest version, iOS 5 running on your device. On top of that you will also make sure that you have your computer and device on the same network.

To begin with the sync, plug your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to your Mac or PC then follow the following steps:
ñ  Click on your iDevices name under Devices in the iTunes left panel.
ñ  Scroll down under options and check sync with this iPod Over Wi-Fi and then click Apply.
ñ  Now, plug your device directly to a wall outlet or into a dock (This is a part which involves a wire making this process not completely wireless).
ñ  On your device, go to settings >> General >> iTunes Sync.
ñ  Tap on Sync Now in order to start syncing. In this process, you will be able to see a series of screens while your device syncs with iTunes and you will also be able to monitor the syncing process on it

The synchronizing steps is complete. However the amount of time for the sync to complete depends upon the network speed and the amount of data you are syncing.

Even though this process is not completely wireless, it comes in handy if you rarely connect your device to your computer. Not only that, you can also sync your device with iTunes anywhere in the house provided both are on the same network. The cherry on the cake about the Wireless Sync is that you can continue using your device and iTunes while the synchronization continues in the background.
Check back for more of such articles on software development, web application development or Android application development.

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